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We Providing Best Indutrial Solution For Our Customers Business
Growing In Last 35+ Years.
RK Brush Manufacturing Company is Bahadurgarh (India) based wire brushes and industrial wire brush manufacturing company in India. A well-run business for more than 35 years; RK Brush Manufacturing Company has built a strong reputation throughout the brush trade for manufacturing high quality competitively priced products. Our company specializes in wire brushes, industrial brushes, medical wire brushes, laboratory brushes and all manner of utility wire brushes.With manufacturing facilities located in Bahadurgarh, India we produce and supply custom built brushes throughout India and Southeast Asia to a broad spectrum of industries.
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We Providing Best Industrial Solution For Our Customers Business Growing In Last 35+ Years.

With our experience and expertise, we are committed to providing the highest quality, value for money products and services to our customers in a manner that ensures long term relationships are maintained.

With a view to continued growth and expansion more specialized automated brush manufacturing machines were purchased, which led to the opening of additional manufacturing facilities. This was quickly followed by expansion into custom made brushes. The acquisition of latest manufacturing technologies we not only gave us increased capabilities in the brush market but also an opportunity to diversify into different areas. Our manufacturing equipment’s & machinery are the most technically advanced comprehensive range of high quality environmentally friendly systems.

As a result of continued growth, larger manufacturing facility was built for our operations that was completed and to better service our growing customer base it was decided to expand our manufacturing facilities.Operating from a purpose-built manufacturing plant, all our brushes from wire brushes and industrial brushes to medical wire brushes, laboratory brushes and utility wire brushes are produced to the exacting standards demanded by the Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Construction products, firearm, woodworking and Health Authorities, to name but a few.

We offer design and build services supported by a very versatile production capability and a wide-ranging raw material inventory. We are manufacturing the wire brushes to put different kind of metals in any kind of brush. We have our own engineering department and we are able to manufacture connecting pieces to join brushes to numerous threaded adaptors or machine chucks. Manufacturing a variety of wire brush, we know that different kind of materials are used in manufacturing of wire brushes. Wires are available in both round and oval section galvanized through to standard and medical quality stainless steel. We use different kind of metals such as steel, nylon, stainless steel, brass, nickel, bronze, aluminum, copper and titanium. Company has different kind of wire brushes in different size, shape and purpose of use. Our highly demanding products are wire brush, nylon wire brush and buffing wire brush last few years.

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